A strong vision for infrastructure – ICE Wales

A strong vision for infrastructure – ICE Wales

ICE Wales set-out recommendations to help secure a prosperous, thriving Wales for generations to come.


Wales is renowned for its excellent quality of life, which in turn depends on the quality of its infrastructure.

From transport and energy to water and waste management, a strong vision for infrastructure is essential for prosperity, to create jobs, improve lives and to grow the economy.

As the population continues to grow and we feel the effects of climate change, the Welsh and UK governments must work together to tackle these problems head on.

To ensure resilience, we must:

Recognise the interdependence of all Welsh infrastructure with increased information sharing and joint forward planning
Prioritise the re-development of road and rail links across the country, such as the Electrification of the rail lines and replacement of the M4 corridor around Newport.
Take full advantage of our natural resources to ensure innovative, sustainable energy without interruption
Encourage collaboration between the government, local authorities and industry to produce resilient flood risk management
Shift the way in which waste is viewed, so it is treated instead as a valuable resource

To secure skills, we must:

Develop a long term skills strategy for Wales
Continue to invest in apprenticeships and support the creation of accredited civil engineering courses in North Wales

And, for effective delivery, we must:

Continue to expand the Welsh Infrastructure Investment Plan and set realistic  timescales for infrastructure investment
Create an infrastructure body to help oversee a long term vision and provide industry advice and support

Our recommendations will help secure a prosperous, thriving Wales for generations to come.

Let’s commit to infrastructure. Join our campaign. To find out more, visit ice.org.uk