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‘Commons Today’ is a free daily email service produced by

It offers those involved in, working around, or simply just interested in Westminster politics, a crisp and easy to digest video summary of that day’s activities in the House of Commons.’s Commons Today email is disseminated at around 8pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when parliament is sitting. It has been designed to maximize the ease with which people can keep abreast of developments from the House of Commons:

  • Digest a summary of the main debate in parliament today.
  • Keep abreast of minister replies to Urgent Questions, or of statements made by Downing Street, the Cabinet Office, or the other departments at Westminster.
  • Watch that day’s main battle of the day involving oral questions exchanges from the Conservative party and the Labour leader Sier Keir Starmer down.
  • Catch relevant announcements from Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle.
  • See what has happened in Westminster Hall, and view the most notable individual speeches or oral questions made from a Tory MP, Labour MP, and other opposition parties that day in parliament
  • Check in on that day’s most notable Parliamentary Select Committee witness session.
  • Follow the latest news of what happened in parliament today, wether that be the latest covid update, responses by Mr Johnson to Nicola Sturgeon and the scottish goverment, reaction to the latest news or world news, a budget session, or the outcome of the day’s main parliamentary votes.’s daily Commons Today email has been designed for maximum convenience:

  1. The set format allows you to quickly flick through and then dip into the particular events from that day in parliament, that interest you.
  2. We extract the most notable exchanges so that you can quickly catch up on what has happened.
  3. All exchanges are video based, complete with sub-titles for maximum ease of viewing.’s ‘Commons Today’ service is reliable and fast.

Available that evening, it provides you with a punctual and comprehensive summary of the day’s main events in parliament.