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A new industrial revolution is underway

A better-balanced economy, driven by increased exports, investment, innovation, and improved infrastructure and productivity, is the engine of wealth creation, better living standards and job creation. UK manufacturing can help to power this engine.

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Manufacturing is the beating heart of the UK economy.

We employ more than two and a half million people – and are responsible for half of all exports.

This makes us pivotal to sustaining Britain’s economic well-being.

People in Britain want to see manufacturing go from strength to strength. Eighty-five per cent polled say more should be done to support manufacturers, and a majority say they support rebalancing the economy in favour of manufacturing.*

The landscape is changing quickly. A new industrial revolution is underway. Innovative manufacturers are at the heart of this change.

Factories of the future are developing where digital technology and big data is transforming business.

We employ some of the most highly-skilled people in the world and they are at the heart of a renaissance. To keep one step ahead we must continue to attract more talented people and provide them with the skills to work in modern industry.

Government can create the best foundations for manufacturing companies to thrive and underpin long term economic growth.
These foundations include:

  • producing highly skilled and adaptable people from schools and universities
  • improving the infrastructure that sustains global business and trade – from new airports to better broadband
  • cutting the cost of doing business, with low corporate taxes and help for growing companies; and long-term backing for innovative companies, who invest in the research and development needed to keep Britain at the cutting edge.

…And as a trading nation we must remain a leading member of the European Union, influencing from within.

With these foundations in place Britain will truly rebalance its economy, building a sustainable industrial base and long term economic stability.

Manufacturing the future.

*(source YouGov September 2013).