Only respite for teachers is a change of government in May

Responding to the publication of the Government’s response to the Workload Challenge, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, said:

“The Coalition Government’s response to the Workload Challenge demonstrates its contempt for the teaching profession.

“The Report released today wilfully misinterprets and misrepresents the clear evidence provided by thousands of teachers about the chronic workload burdens they are facing as a consequence of this Coalition Government’s policies.

“The Coalition Government has created a culture in schools where anything goes and where any adverse impact on the health and wellbeing of teachers is simply regarded as collateral damage.

“Anyone reading the Report would be forgiven for thinking that workload is a marginal issue, that the current recruitment crisis does not exist and that nearly two-thirds of teachers are not seriously considering quitting the profession.

“The excessive workload burdens on teachers have been evident since 2011 and have risen year on year.

“On the eve of a General Election, Ministers have claimed to empathise with teachers but have published a Report that is woefully inadequate given the scale of the teacher workload crisis.

“None of this will come as any surprise to teachers.

“With their Workload Challenge, ministers have over-promised and under-delivered.

“The clear message from the Report is that the only respite for teachers will come from a change of Government in May.”

Notes to Editors

The NASUWT made practical suggestions of actions which could be taken before the General Election. The letter to Nicky Morgan is attached.

The NASUWT has produced an annual report of teachers workload since 2011 which has shown a year on year rise in workload burdens.