NUT: Performance related pay does not motivate

Commenting on the announcements made today about teachers’ pay by George Osborne and Michael Gove, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“With the profession under such continual attack and criticism, the mandatory national pay scales are one of the few things that have kept the profession attractive.  Removing incremental progression and linking pay ever closer to appraisal will anger teachers. This decision comes in the same week as Government figures showing that the number of teachers leaving English state schools rose by almost a fifth in one year. It is children who will suffer when the profession is unable to recruit and retain teachers.

“Linking teachers’ pay with appraisal will undermine any confidence teachers had in appraisal. It will not enhance ‘performance’. All research shows that performance related pay does not motivate people. Teachers will spend more time teaching to their individual objectives. Head teachers and governors will spend much more time taking individual pay decisions for every teacher. It will be bad for teachers and bad for children. Individualised pay will lead to unfairness and injustice.

“Our members will not see this as anything other than a further attack on their pay and conditions. Pay and pensions are at the heart of the current disputes with the Secretary of State. Together with the NASUWT, we represent nine out of ten teachers who will be appalled by these proposals, coming as they do on top of pension contribution increases. We will be meeting with them next week to discuss the way forward.”

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