NUT & NASUWT announce joint strike over “dangerously low” teacher morale

The two biggest teachers' unions in England and Wales are today announcing the first stage of their jointly co-ordinated industrial action in furtherance of their national trade disputes with the Secretary of State for Education over pay, pensions, workload and conditions of service and job loss.

The NASUWT and the NUT together represent nine out of 10 teachers in England and Wales.

Following a joint declaration of intent by both unions in May, giving the Secretary of State the rest of the academic year genuinely to engage to seek to resolve the issues under dispute, no progress has been made towards addressing the deep concerns of the teaching profession.

The NUT and NASUWT will issue notices of action short of strike action to employers this week which will take effect from 26 September.

The action is intended to be pupil, parent and public friendly, whilst resisting Government policies which are undermining teachers’ ability to work effectively to deliver the highest standards of education.

We urge the Secretary of State to listen to the concerns of teachers, since in the face of continuing attacks the Government risks the campaign escalating to strike action.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:

"The Secretary of State for Education was put on notice in May that he could address teachers' concerns and avoid the possibility of further industrial action.

"He has recklessly disregarded this warning.

"At every turn the Secretary of State shows contempt for the teaching workforce.

"What happens to teachers directly affects the quality of education for children and young people. Teachers and their pupils deserve better.”

Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said:

“Teachers’ morale is dangerously low.  Over-the-top accountability measures are exhausting teachers and the idea that they can work to 68 is absurd.

“For the sake of teachers and children’s education, these constant attacks from Government need to stop.

“We urge the Secretary of State to begin to listen and to respond to our concerns.”


Notes to editors

The action instructions can be found at and at

For further information and to request interviews with Chris Keates and Christine Blower contact NASUWT press officer Lena Davies on 07867 392 746 and NUT press officer Caroline Cowie on 07879 480061.