69% worried about losing their jobs

By politics.co.uk staff

Sixty-nine per cent of people are worried about losing their jobs, a new poll released today shows.

In a survey released to coincide with the march in central London tomorrow, the union Unite also showed a huge groundswell of support for international action to close down tax loopholes.

“Our members from every corner of this country will convene in London to send a clear message to world leaders that they want decent jobs,” Unite’s joint general Secretary Tony Woodley said.

Ninety-one per cent of respondents said they wanted action on tax havens.

Asked what they considered the most important issue facing the country, the union’s membership voted overwhelming for the decline of skilled manufacturing jobs.

Eighteen per cent of respondents rated redundancy terms and high fuel prices as their main concern.

“Support for the UK’s manufacturing base is our members’ prime concern but it’s not just a UK issue, it is a global issue, many of our key manufacturing companies are owned overseas,” Mr Woodley said.

Unite’s joint general secretary, Derek Simpson, added: “Our future depends on creating an economy based on the fair distribution of wealth and that means closing the tax loopholes that allow corporations and super-rich individuals to avoid paying their fair share of tax.”

Thousands of people will march through central London tomorrow in an attempt to force world leaders into a progressive response to the world downturn at next week’s G20 summit.