Invest, Reform, Trust


Invest, Reform, Trust

Cities are the future.

More than half of the world’s population already live in a city, and by 2050 it will be 70 per cent.

We represent the UK’s 10 core cities.

Our cities are home to 24% of UK businesses, deliver 29% of its exports and a quarter of the economy.

They are the engine room of the UK.

But they have a lot of untapped economic potential.

If we brought their productivity levels up to even just the national average, it would add £70 to £90 billion to our economy every year.

And if we allowed our cities more freedoms, it would mean they could ensure that this growth benefits and includes everyone.

We are seeing more and more governments around the globe realise that empowering cities is key to the future of their nations.

And as the UK approaches Brexit, we need to make sure our cities can compete.

It’s time for a new vision.

A vision where prosperity is more widely shared.

Where everyone can access high-quality schools, afford a decent home, get the health and social care they need and find quality jobs.

Where cities remain open to all people.

Our cities have the ability to step up to these challenges.

But it requires a change in how the government thinks and acts too.

It means using place based policy, making decisions at the level most appropriate to people’s real lives and what matters to them.

Recognising that what’s right for one place isn’t right for another.

Cities should be empowered to determine policy across health, social care, education, employment and other areas, based on local needs.

Place-based policy will save money and get better results.

Core Cities UK is therefore calling on the government to…


Invest in growth to drive productivity, strengthen urban labour markets, build more and better housing and improve infrastructure in and between cities.


Take devolution further, giving cities more ability to reform and align public services through a ‘place-based’ approach.


Trust local people who know their places best to get on with the job, positioning city leadership and communities as equal partners with an equal stake.

We don’t need to wait and rewire the whole system.

We can make change today.

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