Why the future of the internet is down to DAN

Why the future of the internet is down to DAN

The way we communicate is changing.

Imagine what the next decade holds in store. Internet cars, anyone?

As more and more people get online, consuming more and more data with their gadgets, the capacity of 4G is going to be overwhelmed very soon. Technology will move on as more switch from 'wireline' to 'wireless'.

Half the world away, China is already acting fast to close the gap, ironically using technology pioneered in the UK. So back in the UK, we need to pull together to make sure Britain doesn't fall behind.

It won't happen by itself. We can all do our bit to help the UK emerge as a world leader in the race towards the digital economy of the future.

In town halls, Planners can give the thumbsup to putting antennae on the top of lampposts or public buildings.

On our railways, train operators can get us on the right track by ensuring we're online while on the move.

In Westminster, ministers have to be ready to step in to encourage the spirit of cooperation between companies.

The people who make our phones, run our mobile networks and create the content we consume on them shouldn't be strangers either.

Companies can decide to work together to make roaming easier, for example. The watchdog Ofcom needs to be willing to drive those unwilling to look beyond competition.

After all, everyone is set to benefit from better broadband from farmers in the countryside to commuters in the city.

It will give the digital economy a powerful shot in the arm and it's great news for the environment, too. Better broadband means more people can work from home, cutting back
on congestion and improving quality of life.

This will be Britain at its best – a country leading the way in helping the whole world communicate. The more advanced we are, the more say we have in global standards
bodies, too.

The IET is promoting a new vision to deliver the network the UK needs for the future. It’s called DAN Demand Attentive Networks.

All DAN needs is cooperation and encouragement, connecting the efforts of everyone working together. Which, when you think about it, is what the internet is all about.

TEXT: For more information go to www.theiet.org/dan.