Infrastructure spending key post-Brexit

Major increases in infrastructure spending will be needed across the UK in the aftermath of Brexit, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and the chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission Lord Adonis have urged.

The pair staged a high profile meeting last week to discuss the nation’s infrastructure priorities, including Crossrail 2. The Mayor told Lord Adonis that Government investment in new projects should not be seen as a ‘zero sum game’ where one region of the UK loses out to another.

“If Britain’s economy is to succeed we need to see increased investment across the country,” the Mayor said. This, he advised, will be essential to support new growth and jobs in the decade ahead, particularly as the UK leaves the European Union.

Lord Adonis commented: “Investing in good quality infrastructure projects offers clear economic benefits and can transform the lives of entire communities.

“While work is well under way on HS2 and Crossrail, we cannot lose sight of the need to make real progress on the next round of major projects,” he added.

“Whether it's Crossrail 2 or High Speed 3, I’ve been clear that Brexit talks and a hung Parliament must not delay the decisions needed to get crucial infrastructure projects going across the country, and it is good to see the Government and mayors across the country working together to drive all of these forward.”

The meeting comes almost two months after the Government took criticism for backing plans to take Crossrail 2 forward while cancelling rail electrification schemes in the North, the Midlands and in south Wales.

“London grinding to a halt is not in the nation’s interests, and nor is it in the interests of London that the north of England’s transport network continues to be woefully inadequate,” said the Mayor of London.

“I will continue to put the case to Government that good quality, modern infrastructure, including new roads, railways and broadband and mobile connectivity is crucial if this country is to remain a global economic powerhouse.”