BASC highlights shooting’s role in keeping the nation fitter

BASC believes Sport England’s new strategy ‘Towards an Active Nation’ could lead more people into shooting.

Sport England will spend £250 million over the next four years to use grassroots sports as part of a wider investment to tackle inactivity.

BASC, the UK’s largest shooting organisation, previously responded to a consultation on Sport England’s strategy by stating that shooting is open to all backgrounds, ages and abilities and is an activity that people can take part in throughout their lives.

BASC also outlined its investment in a national network of highly-qualified airgun and shotgun coaches who provide tens of thousands of adults, children and young people with shooting opportunities they may not otherwise enjoy.

And the association highlighted a survey of its members which found that 88 per cent said shooting gives them moderate to high-intensity exercise and 71 per cent said their levels of physical activity would suffer without shooting.

BASC chief executive Richard Ali said: “Sport England’s vision is that everyone, regardless of their age, background or level of ability feels able to engage in sport and physical activity.

“Shooting ticks all these boxes and this is why participation in shooting is growing, with at least 550,000 active participants in England.

“BASC, with its membership network of over 144,500, is playing a key role in welcoming newcomers from all walks of life and ages into shooting. Sport England recognition and support for that contribution will be very welcome.”

Note to Editors: A BASC infographic highlighting the health benefits of shooting is available here –

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