Shooting and the Scottish Parliamentary elections – BASC figures

With the results for all constituencies and regions in Scotland in, BASC –  the largest shooting association in Scotland – has announced that it has identified 48 out of 129 (37%) members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) from all parties except the Greens who are supportive of shooting according to the current law and codes of practice.

In the run-up to the Scottish Parliamentary elections, BASC launched a unique campaigning website which allowed all those interested in shooting to lobby candidates and seek their views on shooting and conservation. The results will have influenced the votes of those who shoot.

BASC will continue to lobby MSPs and work with them for the benefit of shooting.  BASC will also assist MSPs to set up a cross party group for shooting and conservation in the Scottish parliament. 

Colin Shedden, Director BASC Scotland, said: “I want to thank all those in Scotland who used the BASC website to lobby candidates. The results give us enough to work with to represent shooting in the Scottish parliament but more work needs to be done. It was clear from the results that those living and working in rural areas were key to some of the political changes. I hope that politicians in all parties will pay attention to their concerns and needs.

“MSPs should know that shooting makes a major contribution of £200 million to the Scottish economy each year and to the management of rural land in Scotland. Many Scots enjoy shooting sports and people come from all over the world to shoot in Scotland. BASC looks forward to working with all MSPs in the next Scottish parliament.”