NASUWT comments on chief inspector’s remarks on school standards in Liverpool and Manchester

Responding to the Chief Inspector’s comments about the standards of education in schools in Liverpool and Manchester, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union said:

“Today the Chief Inspector condemns these schools as failing their pupils.

“Tomorrow, armed with the provisions of the Education and Adoption Bill, the Government will use these statements as the justification to ride roughshod over the views of parents and local communities and embark on a programme of academisation.

“It is deeply concerning that while these political games are played out, little thought is given to the devastating impact that today’s sweeping statements have on the children and young people, the hardworking and dedicated staff in these schools, and the parents and local communities.

“Championing high standards is one thing, acting as the advance guard for the next phase of ideologically driven structural change is quite another.”