BASC urges working dog owners to speak out on tail docking

BASC is urging those who support tail docking for working dogs to make their views known to the Scottish government.

Opinions are being sought on proposals to allow vets to dock the tails of working Spaniel and Hunt Point Retriever puppies, by up to a third of their length, to reduce the risk of injury.

Tail docking was outlawed in Scotland in 2007, although exemptions exist in other parts of the UK.

The consultation period closes on May 3, 2016, and BASC’s Scotland director Colin Shedden said: “There is a huge opportunity to address a real animal welfare issue for these working dogs in Scotland.

“BASC and others have been pressing for an amendment for almost 10 years. Glasgow University research supports the experiences of working dog owners that tail injuries are a significant problem that could be prevented by a simple change in legislation.

“Working dogs in Scotland are suffering because of this legislation. Quality, working breeding lines of spaniels have all but disappeared as caring owners are not prepared to subject their dogs to potential injury that could lead to tail amputation.”