Unprotected Nation 2015

Unprotected Nation 2015 is a report commissioned by FPA which considers the knock-on effects of a 10% cut in spending on contraception and sexual health services.

It concludes that cuts to public health spending will have a devastating effect on these services, and any supposed savings will result in far higher costs in the long run.

Key findings

A 10% reduced spending scenario could result in:

  • an additional £8.3 billion spending due to unintended pregnancies over the next five years
  • an extra 72,299 sexually transmitted infection diagnoses by 2020, at a cost of £363 million.

Services already face a £200 million in-year cut to public health spending, due to be implemented by local authorities in January 2016. If this becomes the norm over the next five years, every £1 considered a "saving" in sexual and reproductive health could actually cost £86.

It is not yet known how public health will fare in the spending review, due to be announced on 25 November 2015.

FPA Chief Executive, Natika H Halil, said:

“This report clearly shows that making cuts to sexual and reproductive health funding results in enormous costs further down the line and is incredibly short-sighted.

“We have already seen evidence of service restrictions and the potential effect of further cuts is frankly terrifying. This report must serve as a stark warning to the Government ahead of announcing its spending review.”

Click on the graphic to view the enlarged version, and click here to read the full report from the FPA.