BASC at the SNP conference

A former environment minister for the Scottish National Party affirmed his support and recognised the importance of the sport to the Scottish economy.

At a reception at the SNP conference in Aberdeen, former minister Michael Russell MSP expressed support for shooting and the work of BASC. Within a speech about land reform Mr Russell said: “Many people in my constituency either participate in country sports or work within country pursuits. I don’t want to see anything in the Bill that impedes rural activities, particularly deer management”.

An infographic produced by the Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group, supported by BASC, was launched at the conference. It shows that country sports contribute more to the country’s economy than snow sports, wildlife watching and water sports. Shooting is worth £200 million a year to the Scottish economy and supports nearly 9,000 full-time jobs.

BASC’s director Scotland, Dr Colin Shedden welcomed Mr Russell’s comments and the growth of shooting in Scotland by saying: “BASC is always looking for potential to provide shooting opportunities for its members”.