Lobby your MP through new BASC website

BASC members will, for the first time, be able to lobby their MPs and ask their position on shooting through a new website launched by the organisation.

The BASC in Parliament website also allows members to review their MP’s position on shooting if one has been recorded.

The launch of the site follows on from the success of a BASC election website which showed that a majority of MPs in the new House of Commons have made public statements in support of shooting.

Fifty five per cent of all MPs support shooting. 384 of the 650 MPs have indicated a position on shooting – of whom 356 have indicated they are supportive.

Thanks to BASC members who lobbied their candidates, the Association has more information on the MPs of this new parliament than ever before.

Christopher Graffius, BASC's director of communications, said: "We hope to build on the success of the election website with this new BASC in Parliament website. The website will also help to build on BASC’s all Party Support in Westminster."

For more information, visit http://campaign.publicaffairsbriefing.co.uk/home.aspx?cid=ad7870e1-c180-44cc-a1b7-4a1bba13a700