Luna-tics? It’s not just werewolves that behave badly on a full moon

The full moon is linked to such things as a rise in crime, disasters, accidents and even werewolves. Now it seems it could also be to blame for an increase in animals abuse, as the RSPCA releases the number of calls it receives on every full moon this year – and it shows a marked increase during this phase in the lunar cycle.


The animal charity says it has been increasingly overwhelmed with calls in 2014, with a call every 30 seconds received so far this year.


That is why, on Halloween, the RSPCA has released the ghoulish statistics in the hope people will support the charity as it is inundated with ever more calls for help – full moon or not.


RSPCA staff officer Dermot Murphy said: “We can’t explain why this phenomenon occurs although there are anecdotal reports from emergency services that they also see an increase.


“It could be the fact there is increased light during the full moon so people out and about are more likely to spot an animal in distress – or the legend is true and it really does bring out the darker side of human nature.”


The highest number of calls during a full moon was in April, with 339 more calls (an increase of more than 28 per cent) than the day before. The average increase in calls was around 12 per cent, or 169 calls.


The RSPCA says it  is increasingly under demand for their services.That is why they have launched a winter campaign ‘Countdown to cruelty as they brace themselves to take over 140,000 more reports of animal abuse, abandonment and neglect in the run up to Christmas.


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