eBay at 15: big new trend is towards services via smartphones, from taxis to local restaurants

On the 15 year anniversary of eBay UK being launched, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) looks at what the future might hold.

Prof Will Stewart from the Institution of Engineering and Technology, said: “In 15 years eBay and its competitors have opened up a world of opportunity for small businesses to access the global marketplace with huge benefits for us all.

“eBay’s real importance is that it enables small businesses to 'go global' by connecting them with global customers and providing support services such as payment (PayPal), security, shipping and customs clearance, and of course an efficient modern web/mobile interface.

“This is a big deal for many smaller suppliers and for us as customers.  Although eBay may have started this Amazon ('marketplace') will now be a more important player in this area, and in specific areas, iTunes also does the same thing.

“These are all 'cut-out-the-middleman' functions that open up markets and drive customer-focused change and connect small operators, be they book writers, songwriters, or small specialist shops with a wide enough customer base to enable them to thrive but at reduced cost.

“Of course it is the internet communications that makes all this possible (much harder with postal services only) which is why it is all fairly recent.  Naturally, therefore, the big new trend is towards services via smartphones, from taxis to local restaurants, as well as eBay-style purchases.”

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