Grumpy pets looking for their happy ever after

Grumpy cat was an internet sensation thanks to her fed-up features and now the RSPCA is hoping to  find homes for some more of the animal kingdom’s more moody looking members.

While some of these animals may give the impression they are down in the dumps they are actually some of the RSPCA’s more colourful and lovable characters looking for new homes.

Gruff Gryff and his best friend Jack are often referred to as the two grumpy old men of RSPCA Southridge but in reality they could not be more lovable!

The two crossbreed dogs are inseparable and likened to the main characters in The Odd Couple.

“They remind us of the characters portrayed by Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Gryff is the mature house proud one and Jack the lovable rogue,” says Anna White, manager at RSPCA Southridge.

“Jack and Gryff are beautiful boys. They are well natured, cuddly, loyal, playful, laid back and two of the easiest dogs to look after. You really could not ask for a more perfect pair of dogs.

”These two are inseparable, they adore each other . They both have amazing characters and are full of life and have a lot to give back to this world.  What makes them happy is a cosy bed they can both snuggle up in, a few tennis balls and a few treats here and there. What would make them even happier is a new home and family to love them.”

Affectionately known as ‘Grumpy Gertie’ this loveable moody mare has cheered up since she found a friend for life in stable pal Doris, now she is just searching for a home for life too.

Gertie, who is around 20 years old, has been in the care of RSPCA Southridge Centre for many years and was brought in with Doris after they were abandoned by their owner.

Anna White, manager of Southridge Animal Centre. said: “Gertie’s past treatment and handling has affected her so severely it has been decided that retirement is the ideal for her. She is a wonderful companion horse.

“Gertie and Doris have been patiently waiting for someone to come and offer to adopt them.  It would be lovely if they had someone special to call their own for what is the last chapter in their lives.

“Gertie can come across as a bit of a miserable mare, but she really is a beautiful thoroughbred horse,” she added.

This bunny may be Blue by name but he’s definitely not blue by nature!

A stunning one-year-old lionhead cross, Blue came into RSPCA care with four brothers and sisters after they were found in very poor conditions where it was likely they were being used for breeding.

Hannah Brookfield from RSPCA Manchester and Salford branch said: “He is only a young chap with a gorgeous fawn coat. He is a really cheeky and he loves to have a little nibble on your shoes when you take his hay ball in first thing in the morning.”

Xiu may look like a long lost relative of Grumpy Cat but he is far from grouchy in his temperament.

While his markings make him look as though he is frowning he is a very affectionate and cool cat with a lot of love to give.

He was brought in to RSPCA Sussex North branch as a stray with a badly infected head injury and has been nursed back to health.

Nothing makes this six-year-old short haired laid-back moggy happier than a comfortable lap and getting tickled under the chin! Now all he needs is a home to call his own.

Some might class Pete the large black and white cockerell as moody but he is actually just misunderstood. This handsome fella has a serious side – especially when it comes to protecting his hens.  Pete the grumpy cockerell.jpeg

Centre manager Anna said: “He looks after his girls to perfection – sometimes being a bit over protective and taking his duties too seriously, so he would need to be rehomed with someone who has experience of cockerels and can appreciate his size and his mind.”

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