Tree of Hope: “Piece of the Puzzle, Autism Awareness Shoe”

The "Piece of the Puzzle, Autism Awareness Shoe" has been created especially for Blossom For Children and Tree of Hope.

An incredibly special, hand created shoe that brings the world of autism alive through its vibrancy, fun and creativity. The more people that see the message that autism has positives and needs awareness, the more acceptance can be created. See more here

They are made by celebrity shoe designer Milly J of Milly J Shoes and are housed under the, "Milly J's Got Sole brand".

They are made to look handmade, fun and artsy. Covered in the autism puzzle pattern along with cute shoe bows, braided trim, enamel, puzzle charms and autism awareness badges, they are strikingly unconventional and very eye catching.

Perfect for not only girls with autistic spectrum disorders, but also those that know and support autistic friends and family. Milly J Shoes likes to create shoes that are personal and for the wearer alone. So to make the shoe even more special.

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