CIHT welcome the Davies Commission interim report and call for immediate short term action

CIHT welcomes the publication of the Airports Commission’s interim report into airport capacity and connectivity in the UK but believe short term solutions must be implemented now.

The report identifies three options to improve airport capacity in the UK. These will now be subject to detailed appraisal before a public consultation in autumn next year.

The Airports Commission’s interim report has announced that it will be taking forward for further detailed study proposals for new runways at two locations:

• Gatwick Airport
    – Gatwick Airport Ltd’s proposal for a new runway to the south of the existing runway
• Heathrow Airport (two options)
    – Heathrow Airport Ltd’s proposal for one new 3,500m runway to the northwest
    – Heathrow Hub’s proposal to extend the existing northern runway to at least 6,000m, enabling the extended runway to operate as 2 independent runways.

The next phase of its work will see the Commission undertaking a detailed appraisal of the 3 options identified before a public consultation in autumn next year

Sue Percy, Chief Executive, CIHT said:

“We are pleased that the long term options have been further refined, however CIHT remain concerned that the final report will not be published until after 2015.

“It is vital that Government implements short term solutions that will maintain the UK's position as a leading aviation market. We welcome the recommendations in today’s report for immediate action to improve the use of existing runway capacity and we urge Government to act on these. This should include improving surface access to UK airports by all modes.

“In the short term airport operators, airlines and the Government can make better use of existing capacity at London’s airports e.g. encourage larger aircraft and higher load factors; incentivise the use of existing ‘off-peak’ runway capacity; and increase hourly runway throughput through more efficient management.

“Access to air travel is essential to business, commerce and industry in providing access to markets (especially emerging markets in Asia and South America); it supports economic development, inward investment and regeneration; it is vital to employment in terms of a range of direct and indirect jobs; it supports inbound/outbound tourism.”

“We look forward to reviewing the final recommendations in 2015.”


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