BFAWU signs historic learning agreement with Dawnfresh Seafood

The BFAWU, along with Scottish Union Learning has signed an historic learning agreement with Dawnfresh Seafood in Uddingston, which will benefit around 300 employees.

HR Director at Dawnfresh, Helen Muir said: "This will help them as individuals and will also assist us in ensuring that we continue to prosper as a business and provide employment for our people".

BFAWU Organising Regional Secretary, Jim McClelland agreed: "We look forward to working with Dawnfresh towards the common goal of making lifelong learning a reality for the workforce".

Sylvia O' Grady, Lifelong Learning Manager for Scottish Union Learning went further: "Through these essential partnerships between trade unions and employers, Scottish Union Learning ensures that the Learning and Development Funds are used to provide quality learning at work, which ultimately enhances the lives of workers.”

For more quotes from all those involved, as well as the full press release, please click here.

For more general information about Scottish Union Learning, visit their website here.