“Michael Gove appears to have little grasp of what is in the curriculum”, says NUT

Commenting on prior reports of Michael Gove’s speech to the Independent Academies Association, to be given today, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Michael Gove appears to have little grasp of what is already in the curriculum. Learning times tables and facts is already a part of the school day.

“The assertion that current examinations are far too easy will certainly not be recognised by either parents or pupils. The education secretary needs to  stop his obsession with engineering an education system which only the few will navigate and look at recognising all achievement, not just that of his schooldays.

“Externally moderated teacher assessment provides a very fair and correct picture of pupil achievement. Michael Gove knows this. To criticise teacher assessment is yet another way for the Education Secretary to undermine teachers’ work and professionalism.

“We do need to have a proper review of present 14-18 qualifications, not least in light of the fact that all pupils will be staying on until 18. Michael Gove however adds little to the debate with his increasingly personal views on the way forward for education.”

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