RSPCA: Man jailed for beating his young dog

A man from Sussex has been jailed for ten weeks for beating his Staffordshire bull terrier named Beanie.

Anthony Richard Marcer, aged 32, of Southgate Parade, Crawley, was found guilty of causing suffering to the male terrier on June 4 last year by inflicting violent physical trauma on him.

He stamped on Beanie’s back several times in his back garden. He then went back into his house and then came out and carried on stamping on Beanie.

He claimed that the young dog had bitten his daughter, but no marks or injuries were found on her.

The police were called at the time of the incident and Marcer was arrested. The RSPCA was then called in to investigate.

Crawley Magistrates yesterday jailed Marcer for ten weeks. He was also banned from keeping animals for four years.

Beanie, who is a friendly dog with no signs of aggression at all, has since been found a loving new home by the RSPCA.

RSPCA Inspector Cora Peeters: “This poor dog was a very sweet, friendly young dog who was beaten in a most violent and aggressive way by this man. He deserves his punishment.”

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