NUT: The ‘conundrum’ Michael Gove refers to is of his own making

Commenting on this morning’s appearance by Michael Gove in front of the Education Select Committee, Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Michael Gove’s criticism of the Welsh Government’s decision to re-grade the GCSE is decidedly regrettable. Leighton Andrews took quick stock of the situation and acted swiftly to address some of the obvious problems with this year’s English GCSE. Meanwhile, in England the Education Secretary has buried his head in the sand and refused to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of political interference and manipulation of results.

“The conundrum of maintaining standards that Michael Gove refers to is of his own making. You cannot set ever higher GCSE floor targets for schools while at the same time say that you will not recognise those achievements for fear of grade inflation.

“It is time for the Education Secretary to end the sophistry and take responsibility for this fiasco which is having such a detrimental impact on many thousands of pupils.

“The NUT’s emergency motion on GCSEs to the TUC later today is calling for an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding GCSE English examinations and for students to be graded fairly.”

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