NUT: Michael Gove is incorrect and offensive

Commenting on Michael Gove’s statement to the House of Commons on leaked documents regarding GCSE reforms, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union said:

“Michael Gove’s continual criticism of GCSEs as a ‘dumbed down’ examination is not only incorrect but also very offensive to those pupils and teachers who achieve great results every year.

“Getting rid of GCSEs and replacing them with the old O level and CSE qualifications could easily lower aspirations and exacerbate inequalities in society.
Children develop at different stages in their school career. Deciding at the age of 14 which exam route pupils take is to no ones benefit.

“Parents will be unhappy with these proposals. Children should all have the same chance and opportunity to succeed at school. Being told you are not bright enough to take O levels will simply de-motivate pupils.

“The teaching profession must be properly consulted on such a crucial change in the examination system. Teachers are not mere deliverers’ of knowledge but are there to inspire and motivate their students with a curriculum that is for everyone and not just for the few.”

END pr108-2012
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