NARPO: Retired police officers concern at rising knife crime

The National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO) has reacted to the latest Crime in England and Wales: Quarterly Update to June 2011.

NARPO President Eric Evans MVO,QPM, said: “This report points to worrying trends in recorded crime levels across England and Wales. The 7% increase in knife crime related to robbery is of particular concern. Whilst there haven’t been significant changes in most other areas, the rise in burglary and theft is another disturbing sign.

It’s important to note these figures relate to the period up to June 2011, meaning they don’t cover the week of serious rioting, unrest, looting and widespread criminality that took place in August. On the back of all of this, the Government are continuing to pursue 20% cuts to the number of frontline officers, coupled with attacks on police officers’ pay and conditions.

If they continue with this reckless agenda of cutting resources and deflating morale within the police service, then crime will go on rising and it will be the British public who suffer.”