Labour’s polling starts to recover as Tory chaos continues

Labour's poll lead has started to rally after several weeks of Tory infighting over Europe.

The party was enjoying an 11-point lead over the Conservatives in today's YouGov/Sunday Times poll, with the party on 40% and the Conservatives on 29%. The Liberal Democrats are on nine per cent and Ukip on 14%.

The result, which would give Labour a majority of 112 if it was repeated at a general election, shows an improvement in Labour's poll rating after recent surveys suggested its lead was deteriorating.

The improvement in the Labour score could be a result of continued Tory infighting over Europe or just a normal variation in results.

Just ten per cent of voters told YouGov they thought the Conservatives were united, with 73% saying they were divided.

The percentage of people who view the Tory party as divided is at its highest since the polling company started asking the question in 2003.

The percentage is not quite as high as it was for Labour under Gordon Brown, when just three per cent of voters thought the party was united, but it will still prove highly worrying to David Cameron.

A ComRes poll for the Sunday Mirror and the Independent on Sunday put Labour on 35% to the Tories' 29%. It put Ukip on 19% and the Liberal Democrats on eight per cent.

That would give Labour a majority of 72.