Davis kicks Cameron while he’s down: Immigrant NHS policy is ‘uncivilised’

David Davis' continued rebellions against David Cameron took on a new urgency last night after he branded moves to restrict immigrants’ access to NHS treatment uncivilised.

The comment came as the former leadership rival issues increasingly vitriolic attacks on No.10.

He accused the prime minister of surrounding himself with old Etonians last week and will host a party for maverick MP Nadine Dorries next week.

Following the Conservatives' disastrous results in the local elections, Davis told the story of a constituent who contrasted the treatment of Dorries, "a girl from a Merseyside council estate who rebels and gets sacked", with Jesse Norman, "an old Etonian who rebels and gets promoted".

He added: "I had no answer."

Some reports suggested the party allowed Dorries back into the fold after a six month withdrawal of the whip just as Davis was preparing to "kick off".

Davis will hold a party to celebrate the MP’s return to the party in his parliamentary office next Monday.

Speaking on Question Time last night, the former shadow home secretary said plans in the Queen's Speech for GPs to check people's immigration status before treating them were "very unwise".

Despite adopting a tough line on immigration, Davis said the policy went against decent standards of behaviour.

"When we take on immigration policy it should be fair and civilised," he said.

Davis stepped down as shadow home secretary to fight a symbolic by-election over pre-charge detention while the Tories were still in opposition.

The relationship between Cameron and himself was always frosty, especially after the Whitney MP beat him to the Tory leadership, but after the by-election it became outright hostile

Davis is now one of Cameron's most vocal critics on the benches behind him.