Small mercies: Budget 2013 sparks slight improvement in Osborne’s popularity

George Osborne was enjoying a mild improvement in his poll ratings today, after a Budget which was generally well received in the Westminster village.

A You Gov poll for the Sunday Times showed a 13 point improvement in those who believed the chancellor was doing well, although the figure was still near rock bottom.

His personal rating of -50 has now improved to -37.

A week ago those saying Osborne should be replaced as chancellor stood at 51%, with 17% saying he should remain. That has now reduced to 46% saying he should go and 27% saying he should stay.

Osborne's reduction of a penny off a pint was received fairly critically, with just 42% supporting it and 41% opposing it.

David Cameron's personal rating crept above Ed Miliband's again, with the prime minister on -23 and Miliband on -25. Clegg is on -50, an improvement of four points.

Labour continues to struggle on economic trust. The Osborne-Cameron team remains above the Ed Balls-Miliband team, although both are dwarfed by voter's support for 'none of the above'.