Ken Clarke’s plan is working: Prison numbers set to fall

By Alex Gangitano

Prison numbers stabilised over the past year as a result of Ken Clarke's liberal reforms, according to official projections.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released figures showing the former justice secretary succeeded in arresting the rise in prison numbers, despite his demotion in the recent Cabinet reshuffle.

His reforms could still fuel a 2,000 cut in the record prison population. The population currently is at the 86,300 mark, the same number it was at a year ago.

The ONS said that by June, the prison number is expected to be 84,600.

During Clarke's two years as justice secretary, he hoped to decrease prison numbers by 6,000 people.

Chris Grayling, current justice secretary, uses a tougher criminal justice policy.

One of Grayling's ministers, Damian Green said at a Tory conference that while Clarke "let 'em out," Grayling is "throwing away the key."