The week in Westminster: July 16th – 20th


Questions – Defence
Debate – Health, adult social care
Adjournment – Rationing of care in the NHS

Questions – Health
Ten minute rule motion – Cosmetic surgery
Backbencher business – Relating to the public administration select committee’s recommendation for the prime minister’s advisor on ministerial interests to be empowered to instigate his own investigations.
Adjournment – Bail conditions for those charged with dangerous or careless driving


Questions – Creation of 450,000 additional primary school places across England, lessons learnt from "one-stop shops" for public services in Georgia, incursions into the British sovereign waters off Gibraltar by the Spanish Guardia Civil, UN steps to apply the Olympic Truce in Syria.
Legislation – Smoke-free private vehicles bill – Committee of the whole House
Legislation – Supply and appropriation  bill, second reading
Legislation – Supply and appropriation  bill, committee of the whole House
Legislation – Supply and appropriation  bill, report stage
Legislation – Supply and appropriation  bill, third reading
Legislation – Groceries code adjudicator bill, report stage
Legislation – Finance bill, second reading
Legislation – Finance bill, committee of the whole House
Legislation – Finance bill, report stage
Legislation – Finance bill, third reading

Questions – Primary care trusts inappropriately restricting access to patient treatments, report 'how mental illness loses out in the NHS' published by the London School of Economics, funding adult social care
Legislation – Justice and security bill, committee of the whole House.


16.00 – Internal market, infrastructure and employment committee, women on boards. Professor Susan Vinnicombe OBE, Cranfield University; Dr Ruth Sealy, Cranfield University; and (at 5.00pm) Arni Hole, Director General, Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, Norwegian Government; France Henry-Labordere, Counsellor for Labour, Health & Social Affairs, French Government; and Joëlle Simon, Director of Legal Affairs, MEDEF.

10.30 – Home affairs, health and education committee, the EU's approach to global migration and mobilityCharles Clarke, former Home Secretary and Visiting Professor in Politics at the University of East Anglia.