Support for Ukip falls following Cameron’s EU veto

By Ian Dunt

The United Kingdom Independence party (Ukip) has lost support following David Cameron's decision to shoot down a European fiscal consolidation plan, according to polls.

The latest YouGov poll puts the party on four per cent, down from seven per cent a week ago.

The finding confirms an improved government performance on the back of the veto, with the Labour lead dropping to just one point, the smallest gap since September.

Labour is on 40%, the Conservatives on 39% and the Lib Dems on ten per cent.

The reduced Labour lead matches the finding of a YouGov/Sunday Times poll at the weekend.

Government approval ratings have shot up as well, from -29% to -19%, the best result since May.

The Ukip result will be particularly satisfying to David Cameron.

During the last election there were 21 seats in which the Ukip share of the vote exceeded the Labour majority. If Mr Cameron can convince Ukip voters to stick with him, he could win back those seats.