Libya success leaves Brits cold

By Ian Dunt

Despite historic scenes being played out on their television screens, Brits remain indifferent about the Libya conflict and oppose further UK involvement.

A surprising poll from YouGov found that the events of the last few days had failed to convince most Brits that military engagement in Libya was worth it.

Asked 'do you think Britain, France, the US and other countries are right or wrong to take military action in Libya?’, just 41% of respondents said yes – up slightly from 31% late last week.

Despite widespread support in the Commons and almost universally positive coverage in the press, the Libya mission has never been popular, but 41% support is even lower than it was at the start of the conflict when 44-46% supported it.

The number of people who believe the military action is going well has risen from 26% last week to 52% this week.

But a majority of respondents opposed any further British involvement in the country.

Proposals to send "emergency cash, food and medical aid to deal with immediate shortages" gained most support with 42% for and 42% against.

Proposals to send money to support reconstruction and development were opposed by 63% and backed by just 19% while sending British troops to keep order was opposed by 64%.

"The British public has yet to share the enthusiasm of the Libyan people or the British media over the events in Tripoli," YouGov president Peter Kellner said.