Lib Dem defector joins the Milibandwagon

By staff

A Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate at the last election has thrown his lot in with Labour, citing Ed Miliband’s leadership as the cause.

Andrew Lewin, who stood for the Lib Dems in Hertford and Stortford, expressed discontent at the party’s acquiescence to cuts in housing benefit and raising tuition fees.

“I haven’t wavered in my principles, but in government the Lib Dems have readily walked away from theirs,” Mr Lewin said.

“The axing of the future jobs fund and trebling of student fees are not just embarrassing U-turns, they are decisions that could harm both the social and economic future of the country.

“There is nothing liberal about cutting housing benefits from those who have been searching for a job for a year.”

The former PPC claimed the reason for his defection to Labour stemmed from Ed Miliband’s “appeal across the political spectrum, particularly to young people”.

As of yet, no Liberal Democrat MPs have walked out on the coalition, though the government’s response to the Browne review is known to have made them deeply concerned, having all signed a pledge during the election campaign not to vote through any rise in fees.

The party continues to endure miserable poll ratings, though the first true test of the party’s support will not occur until May next year, with local and devolved elections – as well as the referendum on the Alternative Vote.