Ukip candidate slammed over ‘blow up’ Iran comments

By Sam Dale

A Ukip candidate said he wants to blow up of Iran and that Afghans are “backwards” in comments on a website yesterday.

Glenn Tingle, candidate for Norwich North, was responding to a survey on

When responding to a question on Iran’s nuclear weapons programme he said “we should blow them up first”.

Ukip has said Mr Tingle is passionate about national security but the remarks were regretted.

A Ukip statement said he “regrets any offence he has caused through using such intemperate language”.

“As an ex-serviceman himself, Mr Tingle is very passionate about matters relating to British service personnel and their safety,” said the statement.

“In this instance, he has allowed his passion to get the better of good taste in terms of the language and black humour he has displayed.”

But Conservative MP Chloe Smith, who won a by-election in the seat last year, said the comments were “quite extraordinary and ludicrous”.

“This seems to demonstrate quite an immature approach to important issues,” she told the BBC.

Labour candidate John Cook said: “His response to the online survey was unacceptable and inappropriate.

“It is not the sort of behaviour one would expect from someone expecting to represent Norwich North.”

And Liberal Democrat candidate David Stephen said: “They are inflammatory and irresponsible and not the way to suggest the country can behave in the world.

“Mr Tingle’s remarks are beyond a joke.”