Criticism of Tories’ school plans

By Marina Kim

More than 40 headteachers are backing Labour to continuing investment in schools.

In a letter to the Guardian 48 headteachers expressed concern over “the flight from consensus” in education bill debates last week saying it could damage “a number of guarantees for children, including the right to one-to-one tuition. We see these guarantees as the culmination of unprecedented investment in schools over recent years.”

The letter continued: “It is clear now that only the present government is committed to guaranteeing ringfenced and increased investment in all our schools.”

The teachers called the Conservatives’ proposals “the return to year zero”. They also believe it will be “the threat of across the board cuts coupled with boutique experiments borrowed as a result of naïve educational tourism.”

One of key pledges of the Conservative manifesto includes letting people to set up their own schools. However, the Tories’ plans “to hand power to the people” caused criticism of ignoring other views on the case.

Another letter to the paper, from Jane Eades, Chair of Anti Academies Alliance, said: “Is this a promise that he will stop plans to open academies in areas where parents and teachers oppose the plans, returning schools to local authority control?

“Given the way local opinion has been ignored by Conservative-controlled authorities, does his promise mean that Cameron has no control over his party or that he only listens to opinions which agree with his?”