Cameron claims victory with Primark kid bras

By staff

David Cameron’s battle against the ‘sexualisation of childhood’ appears to have secured an early victory despite the Tories not being in office, with the news Primark are removing padded bras for seven-year-old girls from the shelves.

The high street giant, which previously found itself in trouble for the use of sweat shops in the production of its products, took down the items and promised to donate proceeds to children’s charities.

Speaking to BBC London Radio today, Mr Cameron said: “There is a classic example today where Primark are apparently pushing padded bras on seven-year-olds, which I think is completely disgraceful.

‘The sort of country I want is one where it is not just the government [that] feels outraged about the early commercialisation and sexualisation of our children but companies should stop doing it, they should take some responsibility.”

Liberal Democrat equality spokesperson Lynne Featherstone said she could not understand how the company had ever thought the items would be acceptable.

“Primark’s decision is welcome but how on earth could they have thought that this was a good idea in the first place?” she said.

“Young children need our protection and shouldn’t be the prey of greedy retailers selling them adult products.

“I will be writing to all the big retailers and asking them to pledge to stamp this kind of sexualisation of children.”