Lords vote to ban caste discrimination

By politics.co.uk

The House of Lords voted opened up a legal channel for the banning of caste discrimination in the UK today.

Peers voted for enabling legislation to permit the outlawing of discrimination on the grounds of caste in the report stage of the equalities bill.

The move comes after fears that caste discrimination has spread to the UK with migrants from Indian society, which places a great onus on caste.

Under today’s measure, a minister can initiate an order at any time without further primary legislation. Activists expect the caste discrimination provisions to be activated following a report commissioned by the Equalities Office.

The measure was proposed by Lib Dem Lords Avebury and Lester of Herne Hill, as well as Lord Harris, the former bishop of Oxford. The National Secular Society worked extensively with Lib Dem science spokesman Dr Evan Harris in securing the measure.

Peers also voted to allow, but not compel, religious organisations to host civil partnership ceremonies.