Flights from Yemen flights grounded

By staff

All flights from Yemen to the UK have been grounded with immediate effect, the prime minister announced this afternoon.

Making a statement on counter-terrorism to the Commons after PMQs today, Gordon Brown updated MPs on actions taken since the failed attack on a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day.

A raft of new security measures were also introduced. The pre-existing watch list would be used to create two new lists: a ‘no-fly’ list, and an ‘enhanced screening’ list.

“I can today inform the House that we’ve agreed with Yemen airlines, pending enhances security, that they suspend flights [to the UK] with immediate effect,” Mr Brown said.

“I hope that flights can be resumed soon but the security of our citizens must be our priority.”

Full body scanners should appear in British airports from next week, Mr Brown confirmed, and there will be enhanced intelligence sharing between security agencies.

Mr Brown insisted British support for Yemen, which currently looks set to total £100 million, came with guarantees that the country would work to eliminate terrorism “at its source”.

“Supporting political, economic and social reform, by next year our commitments to Yemen will total some £100 million, making the UK one of its biggest donors,” Mr brown informed MPs.

Nigerian national Farouk Abdulmutallab has been charged for his alleged role in the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit.