Clegg goes online in search of youth vote

By staff

Nick Clegg has cast aside politicians’ traditional techniques of getting their message across by launching his latest policy on social networks.

The Liberal Democrat leader’s youth jobs pledge has been publicised not by a major speech at a thinktank or charity but online on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The initiative, co-hosted by the UK Youth Parliament, proposes helping young people get more training, education, an internship or place on a youth programme after a maximum of 90 days on jobseekers’ allowance.

“Facebook, YouTube and Twitter play just as important a role as TV or newspapers in young people’s lives. Politicians can’t ignore new and social media if they want to connect with the next generation of voters,” Mr Clegg said.

New statistics out today show the number of young people unemployed for over six months has doubled in the last two years.

Mr Clegg said young people “feel cheated by this recession” and promised to offer help to them to ensure they did not be “left behind” by the economic recovery.

“Our promise of more training, education, an internship or a place on a work programme will give hope to the nearly one million young people who currently can’t find a job,” he added.