Brown’s ‘appalling weakness’ on Royal Mail

By Ian Dunt

Gordon Brown’s “appalling display of weakness” in not privatising Royal Mail has triggered the upcoming strike, David Cameron said today.

The Tory leader used this morning’s prime minister’s questions to attach the blame for the strike to Mr Brown.

He focused on the plans to part-privatise Royal Mail, drawn up by business secretary Peter Mandelson several months ago, which have not been brought before the House due to fears of a backbench rebellion.

Mr Cameron argued the communications worker’s union had sensed his weakness and become more militant as a result.

The postal services union paid “half” the prime minister’s bills, Mr Cameron shouted, and the only way to end the strikes was to “show some courage”.

Mr Brown responded angrily to the attacks, saying he was opposed to the strike but that it could only be stopped through mediation.

He told Mr Cameron none of his comments helped make the strikes less likely.