Grayling pledges to pump up alcohol prices

By staff

The Tories have detailed big increases in the price of ‘super-strength’ alcoholic drinks.

During his keynote speech to the Conservative conference in Manchester, shadow home secretary Chris Grayling said responsible drinkers would not be affected, but that some drinks had to be clamped down on.

“These tax changes will not hit responsible drinkers,” he told delegates.

“The ordinary pint in the pub will not be affected and there’ll be exemptions for some local traditional products.

“But we’ll call time on the drinks that fuel antisocial behaviour.”

The price of a four pack of super strength lager will rise by £1.33. ‘Super strength’ cider will be doubled in price and planned increases on alco-pops will see the price of a large bottle increase by £1.50.

The details came in a speech which focused predominantly on anti-social behaviour.