MayDay protests target the Bank of England

By staff

Protestors are again heading to the Bank of England to voice their rage at the banking crisis which triggered the recession, in scenes reminiscent of the G20 protests.

The protests are set to coincide with traditional May Day activities, and a trade union march which will wind its way around central London this afternoon.

Protestors are hoping to draw attention to controversial police tactics, known as ‘kettling’, adopted during last month’s demonstration.

Yesterday, a Met meeting in City Hall say activists hurl abuse at police representatives who tried to justify the measure.

But London Mayor Boris Johnson agreed to establish a civil liberties panel, whose first task will be to look at the tactics employed by police during the G20 protests.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is now investigating four events which took place during the G20 summit.

Today’s demonstration is due to start at 17:04 BST.

A member of Space Hijackers group, which helped organise the protest, called Agent Bristly Pioneer, told‘s sister site,, that the demo would also address issues of Britain slipping into a “surveillance state”.

A post on the group’s website instructs those in police uniform to: “Encircle the prisoners to p*ss them off and start some fights.”

It continues: “Accept no food or drinks from the convicts because you never know what might be in it. If you plan to join in the “clubbing”, makes sure you remove your ID numbers and bring covering for your face.”

Anywhere between 50 and 500 people are expected to take part in the event.

The Space Hijackers website defiantly declares: “If they want a nation of criminals let’s let them have it”.