Queen’s Speech 2008: Immigration

The government will introduce legislation to strengthen border controls by merging customs and immigration powers, the Queen announced today in her speech to parliament.

Newcomers to the UK will have to earn the right to stay through good behaviour.

The immigration and security bill is thought to be a way for the government to ‘smuggle’ in national ID cards.

Minor clauses in the bill give officials the power to check official documentation anywhere in the country, effectively forcing people carry proof of identity.

Under the bill, the border agency will set up an organisation for the purpose of child welfare.

Newcomers to the UK will have to prove their English speaking skills, have a reasonably good knowledge of daily life in the UK and become involved in local community work.

Legal workers will have to pay taxes, and not get a criminal record in order to become citizens within six years of arrival.

Penalties will be enforced on those immigrants who do not comply and benefits such as social housing could be denied to those who have just attained citizenship for up to five years.

Other initiatives to be enforced by the bill include a tax on newly arrived immigrants in order to support local services and a restriction on failed asylum seekers repeatedly seeking legal appeals.