Labour performance dropping again, poll suggests

A poll released today reveals a slackening in Labour’s credit crunch performance.

Chancellor Alistair Darling received the lowest approval ratings when compared to his rivals.

Only 23 per cent of users said he came out of the Pre-Budget Report best.

George Osborne, shadow chancellor, received 31 per cent of the vote but Liberal democrat economic spokesman Vince Cable did best with 46 per cent support.

The poll also found most users believe the cut in VAT will do nothing to increase spending.

Eighty-six per cent of respondents said the cut would do nothing to increase spending.

But there was substantial support for Labour’s decision to introduce a new top rate of income tax, with 66 per cent of users saying they supported the idea of taxing the rich more to help the less well-off.

There was evidence the British public remains worried about the levels of debt the country is getting into.

Forty-one per cent of users said they were “very concerned” about debt levels. Thirty-five per cent said they were “quite concerned” and only 12 per cent said they were not concerned at all.

The poll gives a further indication of a dampening of Labour fortunes following the report.

High debt and faith in the effects of a VAT cut formed a major part of the Report’s package, and any sign voters are concerned about these factors hints at a possible Tory resurgence.