BNP using City Hall for campaigning

The British National party’s (BNP) second in command has admitted using City Hall in London for party political activity.

Simon Darby is employed as a personal assistant to Richard Barnbrook, the first BNP representative in the Greater London Assembly (GLA).

He is paid £16,000 of taxpayer money for the 22 hours a week he works in the role, but admitted to the Times he also uses the office for party political activities.

“Whatever time I use there for the BNP, I have to make up. I don’t use up paper. I use my own laptop,” he told the newspaper.

“What do you expect? When a BNP member is elected, they’re not going to have a Communist or Liberal Democrat working for them.”

The revelation follows the publishing of BNP members’ details on the internet earlier this week, triggering threats of legal action by party leader Nick Griffin.