Cameron: Let kids drink at home

David Cameron has called on children to be allowed to drink at home, arguing it prevents problems with alcohol later in life.

The Conservative leader said his friends who were prohibited from drinking at home had developed a problematic relationship with alcohol, unlike those given a little wine or beer at mealtimes.

Speaking to a group of Radio 1 Newsbeat listeners, Mr Cameron said: “Some of the friends I had, the ones who had the biggest problems, were the ones who actually were never allowed to drink anything at home – whereas the ones who drink responsibly were the ones who were given a glass of wine or a small glass of beer or a shandy or something.

“That’s the right way to do it in the home.”

Asked when he first got drunk, Mr Cameron said: “I can’t remember but yes, when I was a teenager, I did do some things I shouldn’t have done – we all do.”