Johnson admits to coke and dope past

Boris Johnson has confirmed he took cocaine while at university, as well as smoking cannabis.

The Conservative MP, and frontrunner in the race to be London mayor, has alluded to drug use in the past but characteristically bumbled his way out of giving a firm answer.

In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Mr Johnson has now admitted his past drug experiences, but said he “thoroughly disagrees” with drugs.

The revelations risk reopening questions about David Cameron’s own drug use, who has said he had a “normal student experience”.

The Conservative leader has refused to be drawn on previous allegations, insisting politicians are entitled to a private life before entering politics.

The Tory leader declined to refute allegations made in a biography that he was nearly expelled from Eton for using cannabis.

Interviewing the Henley MP for the magazine, Janet Street Porter asked him about his past allusions to cocaine use.

“Well, that was when I was 19. It all goes to show that sometimes it’s better not to say anything,” Mr Johnson replied.

“I thoroughly disagree with drugs. I don’t want my kids having drugs.”

On a 2005 episode of Have I Got News For You Mr Johnson said he was given cocaine once “but I sneezed and so it did not go up my nose.”

“In fact, I may have been doing icing sugar.”

Mr Johnson also said it was “true” he had smoke dope.

“But the stuff you and I may have smoked is not the same as what the kids are having now,” he added.

The would-be mayor added that he thought skunk was “very, very dangerous”.